Transitioning to 2018

This excitement and chatter around the school means that it is on everyone’s mind, and for some, this might also carry a little worry.... The unknown is always a little worrying especially when you are jumping from Foundation to Grade 1, Grade 2 to 3, Grade 4 to 5 and especially the Grade 6 graduation from our marvellous school!


  • You can start by having a discussion with your child, get them to draw a picture, write about or even role play what they think it will be like in the new year.
  • Draw or write a list of people they know in other year levels; people they may meet or people they would like to meet.
  • Touching base with your child’s new teacher prior to the first day of school in the new year. Especially if there is a something that the new teacher may not be made aware of yet.
  • Stay positive and model a happy and excited view towards the new year. Your child can take on your own worries and bring this to school with them. Try to turn worries into positives. Ie. “You may not know many people in your class, but what kind of friend would you like to meet in your new grade?”
  • Make sure that your child knows the location of classroom they will be going into and where their old friends might be located.
  • Role play some ways to deal with different situations that may be bothering them (or just talk it through as I probably will when Max is at school).
  • Organise a play-date with people in the new classroom.
  • Explain that your friend will still be your friend even if they are in a different class. We all have friends that are not at our place of work or home, this can be a good example.


The good thing is that we still have some time to deal with these worries. Which should be plenty of time to open a dialogue, make a plan and have those discussions or role play if that’s your thing!

Michael Block Principal 

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