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Please be patient while teachers put the finishing touches on their plans for Term 1.  These will be uploaded shortly.

Year 2/3/4  Term 1 Plan

Year 2/3/4 Term 1 Information Notice


Year 5/6 Term 1 Plan



These documents have been designed by our dedicated teams of teachers to implement the content of the Victorian Curriculum.  Integrated units of work this term cover the learning areas within the Health and Physical Education Domain, along with special links to Science and Civics and Citizenship. As always priority learning in the areas of Maths, English and the four capabilities is at the forefront of our planning.



Daily 5 is the classroom organisation that allows children independence of activities in a guided, structured way. Every child has goals they are working towards and teachers facilitate this learning by implementing the CAFE reading approach.

C= comprehension

A= accuracy in reading words

F= fluency

E= extending their vocabulary

Students are taught explicitly the strategies needed to help them achieve confidence and mastery in the above areas. 








All children in Years 2-6 are stepping their way along a progression path in math.  Children are aware of the path they need to take to master concepts and they work hard to achieve these mini milestones. Goal setting and self evaluation plays a vital role as children stay focused and achieve success. 

You will see these displays in the Cooinda building and inside the 2/3/4 classrooms. Footsteps change fortnightly as new concepts are covered. 

This is a highly organised and monitored program in math that meets our motto of "Stage Not Age" learning. 

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